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TREND PROJECTION to strategies

DRAWING visions

We conduct special investigations based on:

Global Trend Analysis + Prospective + Studies of Futures

If you want to take your company into the future, we can accompany you. Ask for a free counseling session.

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One trend has a different impact for each type of business. 

Trend Analysis + Special Investigation

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Design future scenarios for your project or business today

Our Design of Alternative Future Scenarios is a tool for the future vision of a project, organization, or sector under different consequences and alternatives for the evolution of trends, generating possible, desirable, and plausible futures as a result.

We use the data to analyze where the world is going and what we have to do so that a project continues to have a place in the short, medium, and long term future.

Trend scanning

It is a guide to develop vision: How we include the past knowledge, the present, and how we imagine the future. It takes us to the Design of alternative scenarios.



There is not a single future, but several possible futures. We build dashboards that help us anticipate many situations and not live reacting.


Future Studies

“Many people think of an identical future for everyone.

The future is a series of possible alternatives.

That is why we speak of Futures, not the future.


Claudia Quirós Fernández

CEO & Founder, Orâkolo.

Shall we look to the future?

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