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There is no single future.

 There are alternative futures.



We are trend-based innovation consultants. We use tools such as Foresight, Future Studies, andGlobal Trend Analysis to design scenarios and strategies.

We analyze data to predict what is coming and strengthen companies, governments, and institutions' strategic thinking to guide them towards their preferable futures.

We have three key products interconnected with each other to lead you on your journey to the future:



Even the next pandemics, climate crises, and future lifestyle can be anticipated using the right tools.

Change a Culture of Reaction to the Culture of Anticipation. 

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The same trend has a different impact on each type of business.

We lead you onto the process of designing future scenarios for your project or business.

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Learn how to use the tools with which you will design the future of your organization.

Create new strategies today that will allow you to survive tomorrow.

TEDx Calzada de los Héroes 2019:
We explain in 19 minutes the importance of thinking about The Future today.

We can start talking about your future in a personalized consultancy.
Let's start by making a diagnosis of the validity of your project for the future.

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“When the world. is so fierce, it becomes essential to know what futures may exist, whatconsequences they may have and what decisions we are going to make today”.

I am Claudia Quirós, International Certified Future Strategist, specialist in systemic analysis of global trends, Future thought  Thinking and Scenario Planning. Get to know me better.




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In ancient times, leaders turned to the Oracle to give them light about the future, a guide to make the right decisions. The sages and priests interpreted each sign, and judged that the Oracle had spoken. Today we have turned into science the art of reading the signs that anticipate what is to come. Future Study is a professional discipline that has existed since the 70s. Pioneering companies and governments are already designing their future.

What are you waiting for to start designing yours?

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